Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cuban Sandwich

It seems like everywhere I look lately they have Cuban sandwiches. Being the foodie that I am I had to investigate. Wikipedia says a Cuban sandwich consists of yellow mustard, thinly sliced pickles, pork and slices of glazed ham. I had some left over pork loin roast that I had grilled. The roast had a spicy/sweet rub on it that I had made. That seems easy enough, so here was my version. Not bad for someone who never had one before.

Cuban Sandwich
2 slices of good quality bread
2 slices of ham, I used honey ham from the deli
2-4 slices pork roast, depending on size and thickness of roast
enough slices of dill pickle to cover the sandwich
enough yellow mustard to cover 2 pieces of bread
Olive Oil to spread on the side of the bread without the mustard

On one side of the bread spread olive oil on the other spread mustard. On the mustard side put down the pork, then the pickles, then the ham. Put the other slice of bread on top with olive oil side on the outside. If you have a panini press/George Foreman grill use that, if not then use a griddle/frying pan with a weight on top of the sandwich (I used a griddle with a cast iron skillet on this sandwich). Cook until bread is golden brown and turn over and do the other side if using a frying pan/griddle.


  1. I have never had a cuban sandwich didnt even know whats in it, I always have leftover pork roast, I just love the tenderloin, but we always make the lemon pepper one recipe, cant wait to try the sandwich sounds amazingly good. Great idea to do that!

  2. YUM!! Thank goodness it is my lunch hour at work, this made my tummy rumble!!

  3. for some reason, yours looks so much healthier than the ones I have eaten... wonder why? Mine always oozed with stuff.... and greasy... that was the last time I had one, in New Orleans of all places...

  4. Claudia I never had one until I made this one. It was good, try it.

    Ravienomnoms at least I made you hungry at lunch, instead of first thing in the morning and you had to wait until lunch to eat.

    Drick, I think the main reason is I never looked for a recipe. I just looked up the ingredients and made my version, after cooking healthy for so long that is how my brain thinks. The yellow in the picture is mustard not cheese.