Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bratwurst Sliders

 My wife comes from a Polish family, both mother and father. In fact her family has more ski's in it than the winter olympics. One of her comfort foods is bratwurst, so every once in a while she gets the craving for them. When we lived in Michigan this was not a big deal, but in North Carolina it is hard to find a good brat. So every so often we go looking for brats. We found some this week that were about the size of a hot dog, a good one is more like an Italian sausage. Since we had leftover slider rolls from last week Scallop Slider I decided to go with the brat slider. Just sauté up a little onion and peppers give them a squirt of yellow mustard and you are in business.
Brat Sliders
1 Brat for every 2 sliders, cut in 1/2 through middle then cut each 1/2 length ways about 90% through so it opens like a book
2 buns for every Brat
2 tbs onion, finely chopped, for 2 brats
1 tbs red pepper, finely chopped, for 2 brats
1 tbs canola oil
Yellow Mustard, to taste

Heat oil in pan over medium heat. When oil is hot add the onion and peppers. Cook until onion and peppers are soft. Remove from heat and sit aside. Add the brats and cook until they take on a good brown color. The brats can be grilled if you prefer.

Place brat on bun, top with onion and peppers and then mustard. These really beg for a beer to be served with them.


  1. You know this is about the only kind of sausage I like other than Italian and love the peppers with it too! Delicious sandwich in time for St Paddys Day!

  2. wow..awesome recipe


  3. these sliders look great - so creative! i just love bratwurst!

  4. Sure looks yummy to me! I could snack on one of these anytime!

  5. Dear Gregg, A delicious meal for any day.
    Thank you for your birthday wishes. I always look forward to your visits.
    Blessings, Catherine

  6. This looks really delicious! Something to make for a summer barbecue definitely.

  7. My cousin's dad's side of the family is Polish... this reminds me of them!