Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

First I want to thank Drick from Drick's Rambling Cafe for giving me the award. One of the requirements is that you give the award to 7 other people and Drick would be one of my 7 if he did not give it to me first.

The other requirements are that I tell 7 interesting things about myself and that I pass it on to 7 other bloggers.

7 Things about me you might not know:

1. If you read my profile you know that 4 years ago changed my life style and lost 125 pounds. Drick I can help you get rid of that 15 pounds.

2. iBozo, my FoodBuzz name, comes from my 2 dogs, Bo and Zo, not the clown.

3. In college I wrote a paper for a creative writing class that was submitted by my professor to Saturday Night Live as a skit. Unfortunately, it was about a "current event" and by the time I wrote it, they graded it, got my permission to submit and got it submitted to SNL it was about 4 weeks later and was no longer relevant. But at least I wrote a skit for SNL.

4. I like moose.

5. My first cooking memories are of watching Julia Child and Graham Kerr (the Galloping Gourmet) with my dad. My mom only cooked during week, never on the weekends or when we had company. I think everything that she ever cooked involved a cast iron skillet and Crisco.

6. The first actual food I remember my parents making was Christmas candies and cookies. My parents would start Thanksgiving weekend and make different cookies and candies every weekend and some week nights until Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve every square inch of the house was covered with things to nibble on and company would stop by all evening. This is one of the things I miss about Christmas as it was one of the few traditions my parents had.

7. My fantasy food job has changed over the years. I always used to want to be a chef with my own restaurant, but now I think that I would want to be a nutritionist and work with over weight children.

Now my seven Kreativ Blogger awards go to:

1. Frank at Memorie di Angelina. While his recipes are traditional the way he describes them, tells about how his family made the dish and the history behind it are far beyond anything you find in any other blog.

2. Mary at Food o Del Mundo. Mary and gang seem to make just about anything so it is always a surprise to see what food you will find when she has a new post. She was also kind enough to give me a few hints when I was starting out.

3. A fellow North Carolinian gets my next award, Paula, from bell' alimento. Paula's wonderful photography and knowledge of the food and Italian ways is always worth a visit.

4. John from While My Sautoir Gently Sweats. John lives the life that most foodies want to live. He constantly takes cooking class after cooking class and describes them so well. He also has the ability to take interesting photos that capture the essence of what he sees happening.

5. Gareth at Stumptown Savoury. Gareth shares his knowledge from being a professional chef with us and teaches us the tricks of he trade.

6. Linda from Salty Seattle. Her interesting combinations of food like chocolate and garlic gelato and the fact that she would kill her own chicken just keeps bringing me back to see what she will do next.

7. Rebecca at Chow and Chatter. Her recipes and nutrition information make for an interesting read for a former fat boy.

If you decide to accept the award you have to nominate 7 other people, post 7 things about yourself and then post this info on your website.


  1. Greg, Great job and a nice compliment, nice to know more about, you have selected a few sites that I know nothing about and look forward to reading and becoming friends with yours...and yes, I could use your help with the added weight thing - I will certainly have to do a better job with the southern fried, gulf coast breaded, fattening creole & cajun recipes and in making these a little more healthy...???

  2. Greg, thanks so much. Honored by this recognition from a fellow Julia Child/Graham Kerr fan! Sounds like we had similar TV watching habits growing up...

  3. I am so sorry for not thanking you - I'm honored! I don't know how I missed this lovely gift!
    I love your fantasy job - you're right - working with kids would be WAY better than your own restaurant and I think a LOT more satisfying!