Sunday, September 11, 2011

Roasted Pepper, Sun Dried Tomato & White Bean Soup

As the weather cools down and fall slowly creeps up on us our food thought turn to foods like soups. Why it dropped all the way down to the mid 80's this week.  My wife got out her insulated underwear. Although I am not really sure she ever put it away, I have never seen anybody who is as cold as she is. She wears a hoodie to the grocery store because she has to go in the refrigerated section.

Here is a a very simple soup I came up with that features pantry items Roasted red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, white beans and pasta. You can make this in 20 minutes.

Roasted Red Pepper, Sun Dried Tomato and White Bean Soup
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/4 cup sun dried tomatoes finely chopped
1 tbs of oil from sun dried tomatoes (you can use olive oil)
1/2 jar (15 oz) jar Red Peppers, finely chopped (about 3 whole peppers)
1/3 cup of small pasta, like orzo
4 cups vegetable or chicken broth
Fresh basil

Heat a pot with the oil in it. Add the garlic and heat until fragrant. Add the broth and the sun dried tomatoes. Let the broth come to a boil and leave it for a couple of minutes. Add the peppers and the pasta. Let it cook until the pasta is al dente. Put in bowl and heavily garnish with basil cut into ribbons. I originally just put some basil on as a garnish but we liked it so much that I added additional basil to the soup.


  1. I find beans soups not only nourishing, but comforting now that fall is setting in. Wonderfully simple soup with lots of flavor!

  2. Oh this sounds hearty and delicious! I love white beans it must be so yummy with the red peppers and sun dried tomatoes too.

  3. I was grinning ear to ear as I read your post! LOL! I am like your wife... I HATE being cold and by cold, I mean anything under 79 degrees. LOL. Luckily there are lovely soups like this! Super comforting!!!

  4. A perfect soup for a first chill in the air, like today... I just love sun dried tomato, and the beans are my favorite added

  5. I can totally relate to your wife! I get chilly rather easily - but I also just love wearing a hoodie around the house too =) This soup looks amazing and comforting - perfect for the fall!