Sunday, February 12, 2012

Liebster Award

Liebster Award

I was chosen by  Colette from Cakes, Bakes and Other Bits  as one of her 5 Liebster Blog Award winners. Colette is a blogger from Ireland that I connected with after returning from my trip to Ireland. Colette's blog is about her travels around Ireland, an occasional savory recipe but mainly about baking. Thanks Colette for giving me the award.

This Award is about promoting smaller blogs with less than 200 followers, which you think deserves special recognition.

There are a few simple rules to follow. In order to accept the award, the recipient will:-

Thank the person who gave you the Award, and link back to that person's Blog

Copy and Paste the Award to your Blog

Choose 5 more blogs to award, and let the writers know by leaving a comment. Here are the 5 blogs the I selected.

Jenn and Seth from Home Skillet A mixture of sweet and savory recipes with good photography.

Heather from Pretty Peas A unique mixture of recipes and good photography.

Kathy from Easy Skinny Life Healthy recipes, exercise and other healthy tips and tricks.

Janis from Bite Me New England A very funny look at cooking by a lady who will cook anything.

Bill @ ShutterPilot This one isn't a food blog it is a photography blog that is just starting. Learn tips and techniques from a professional photographer. 


  1. Thanks, Greg :) Lovely to see your winners and will be following their blogs too.

  2. Greg two posts in one day, I am having heart palipatations.... am off to visit some of this blogs you listed, if they are awarded they have to be superior! Congrats to these awesome award winners!

  3. Hey thanks, Greg. We're flattered. I just saw your top ten list from a little while ago. Good stuff, haha. I think I agree with just about every one of your observations, though I've yet to see many of the donut balls on a stick. Jenn assures me you are right, though, and they are the new thing.