Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentines Day Desserts

Since I normally post healthy recipes or at least somewhat healthy, I was surprised how many decadent desserts I have posted in the last couple of years. Some I wrote, some I tested for Cook's Illustrated and some were created to make my wife happy. I am one of those people who looks at a dessert and puts on weight while my wife can eat 3 desserts and never gain an ounce. Here are my favorite desserts that are guaranteed to make your significant other fall madly in love with you. If they don't fall in love you must not have followed the recipe.

Nutella Ravioli
Nutella filled raviolis topped with a raspberry sauce and powdered sugar.
Nutella Topped Caramels
Caramels topped with Nutella and a nut or chopped nuts if you prefer.
Nutella Tart
A decadent tart filled with Nutella and topped with chopped nuts.
Chocolate-Raspberry Torte
A chocolate torte with a raspberry filling and decorated with raspberries and almonds.
A Dynamite Napoleon
Puff pastry, whipped cream, chocolate and berries.


  1. Good God man, have some mercy on the poor woman who are salivating like me to eat the photo's! Have a romantic kick A-- Valentines.... your wifes a lucky woman to have such a fabulous cook! and you that she puts up with your wittiness :0

  2. These are all fantastic. That last line just had me giggling.

  3. Oh my! Everything looks sooo delicious.

  4. Such pretty and yummy looking desserts!! I know you've already been awarded it buut...I wanted to let you know I've nominated you for The Liebster Award :)! You can check here for more details:

  5. This looks so elegant.
    Wow! So beautiful and romantic!
    Very nice!