Sunday, August 21, 2011

Seven Recipes for the Price of One

This has been a week of cooking highs. At the beginning of the week I won the Cook's Illustrated Indoor Clambake Challenge, the recipe is in the Seven Links listed below. At end of the week Tiffany from Como Water announced that I won a print by a local artist in her give away. Tiffany lived in Durham until recently, so do the artist and I, so it really is a local artist for me as well. Tiffany also surprised me by selecting me to participate in the Seven Links challenge that has been going around among bloggers. The Seven Links was hard for me as things have changed about my blog in the last month and a half. For some reason the number of hits on my site has quadrupled in the last 6 weeks. Recipes that have been number one for the last 1 1/2 years have dropped and recipes that hardly got any hits when I posted them are now my new number one most viewed. Anyway here are my Seven Links:

Most Beautiful: This was a hard one for me as I like photographing the food as much as cooking it. After much debate the winner was Shrimp and Red Pepper Pasta.
Most Popular: Until 1 month ago my Limoncello Shrimp was number one but now it is Spaghetti with All Day Sauce, That I Made in 2 Hours. This also wins longest recipe title.
Most Controversial: I would have to say this was hard because I have never really had any controversy over my posts. I went with my Lobster Ravioli with Champagne Sauce because after it was posted I got an email from an Italian lady who told me how she would have made this dish and proceeded to tell me what I did wrong. I actually learned a lot from the email and was glad she sent it.
Most Helpful: This was one of my very first posts and is still in my top 3 posts of all time. Quick and Easy Pasta Sauces
Surprisingly Successful: My wife says it was the Blueberry Balsamic Salmon. I don't think so I was always sure this would work, but I will give her the benefit of the doubt. This one maybe ugly but it's good.
The Recipe That Did Not Get The Attention That It Deserves: This has to be my Barbecued Baked Beans. I love these beans, so much flavor for so little time.
Recipe I Am Most Proud Of: This one was a tie. Until this week the recipe I was most proud of was my Limoncello Shrimp. Limoncello Shrimp was my first time in the Foodbuzz Top 9 and it took the number one spot. Then my Lobster Boil went and one the Cook's Illustrated Indoor Clambake Challenge this week, so right now Lobster Boil wins.
Now for the second part of the Seven Links Challenge, to select people who must now take the challenge. My first 2 choices are registered dietitians with excellent iPhone apps. Make sure you check out their blogs and their apps.
Kristin from Mother Rimmy
Rebecca from Chow and Chatter 
My next 3 are people that I just started following, but I have known Catherine from other food sites for a while.
Catherine from Living the Gourmet
Kita from Pass the Sushi 
The rules for the Seven Links challenge are simple. You must post a link for each of the seven categories and you must pick 5 people to play after you make your post.


  1. I can almost agree on your picks except one is missing your nutella dessert with won tons, my favorite ravioli! But the shrimp looks great! Your recipes are all great so this had to be hard! Again congrats on winning the contest and your well deserved Top9!

  2. Congratulation.Well desrved all the prices:)

  3. AWESOME! I love all of the posts you featured... especially the salmon with blueberry sauce!

  4. thanks so much love your links with baby due any time I will pass on posting right now hope you don't mind hugs rebecca

  5. It all looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing.